DJ Luvsick Transformed Into Luca1777:

Luca grew up close to Munich (Germany) , moved to Berlin (Germany) in 2002 and connected already in his “Boarshill” Times (Munich) with the US & the West Indies… especially Jamaica and T&T (Trinidad & Tobago).

Known as DJ Luvsick the German Italian DJ was Turnin’ the Tables until he changed his DJ name “Luvsick” into DJ Luca1777 (spoken: Luca One Triple Seven). The name DJ Luvsick was given to him for making the ladys lovesick & sometimes being lovesick himself.

Around the 08.08.2008 a raise in Consciousness & Self Awareness happened , that led to the name change.

HipHop-Reggae Blend Mix / Mash Up Pioneer In Germany

South German HipHop DJ Champion / “Stanton 1998”

Band DJ with “Germanys Most Blunted” / “GMB”

2-Step/HipHop/Dancehall DJ 4 the legendary “Raum 8” (La Boutique – Munich)

“Broken Needles” Soundcrew together with “Trini P”. Over 20 Mixtape-Productions (National & International Reviews)

3 Years Stage DJ, Mixtape DJ & After Show & Party DJ For German Rapper “Megaloh” (2005-2008)

National & International Gigs


Music Producer

Live Show DJ, Radio DJ, Club DJ,

Artist , Rapper , Singer , Songwriter

Fear or Love – Refix – Live